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Immerse yourself in lavish silk luxury, enjoy a blissful sleep in ultimate peace and comfort.
Handmade, 100% cotton large green krama scarf.
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Teal Sleeping Liner

Silk Cambodian Sleeping Bag liner

Exceptionally smooth and beautiful flowing silk sleeping liner, dyed to perfection in coral blue.  Durable yet ultra lightweight and portable silk sleeping liners make any sleep, luxurious.

Small Red Krama

This is an exclusive handmade Cambodian scarf, stylish, cozy, unique.  100% cotton with intricate geometric checkered design of exceptional quality.

Large Black Krama

Large Black Krama 100% Cotton ksilks.com Cambodia

Exquisite large black Cambodian krama in checkered pattern, simply wrap, drape, or knot to frame your face and enhance on-trend color palettes and neutrals alike.

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