Small Red Krama Scarf

The always popular small red krama, as seen depicted above any visit to Cambodia is not complete without the use of this historic and versatile accessory. The colorful checked scarf known as the Krama is almost universally worn by rural Cambodians and is also popular in the cities. The scarves are made from cotton and the most famous krama’s are found in Kompong Cham and Takeo Provinces. Krama have a multitude of uses, they are primarily used to protect Cambodians from the sun, the dust, and the wind, and it is for this reason many tourists end up investing in one during a visit.

However, they are also slung around the waist as mini-sarongs, used as towels for drying the body, knotted at the neck as decorations, tied across the shoulders as baby carries, placed upon chairs or beds as pillow covers, used to tow broken-down motorbikes and stuffed inside motorbike tires in the advent of remote punctures – the list is endless!

Kramas are sold in markets throughout Cambodia and are an essential purchase for travelers using pick-up trucks or taking boat services. They have become very much a symbol of Cambodia and for many Khmers, wearing one is an affirmation of their identity.

This scarf measures 56” X 15” (inches), traditional checkered design are found throughout the majority of the material. The bottom and top regions display a solid red and white colored backdrop with decorative checkered white stripes and intermingled thread endings.

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