Green Silk Cloth (Kaben)

Cambodian Silk Cloth Green Forest 100% silk from KSILKS

Handmade silk cloth is made entirely by hand. It has a unique appearance that is virtually impossible to duplicate by machine.  Cambodia is world renowned for its exquisite Silks, much of which is still traditionally hand-woven and dyed using natural colors from plants and minerals. These exquisite cloths pictured below are often worn during weddings, Traditional Celebrations and the more elaborate variety, during Classical Khmer Dance Performances.
Pictured above, are absolutely gorgeous Cambodian Silk Kabens or Sampots, pronounced ‘SUM-POT!’ by Cambodians, these cloths are a common sight throughout modern Cambodia and historically, in Cambodian Culture.
The traditional Kaben or Sampot fabric (silk and/or cotton combination) are tremendously comfortable and, extremely flexible; they can be worn as stylish traditional dress or casually worn for more practical use (e.g. work, home & beach). The Kaben or Sampot refer to the size of the cloth, Kaben’s are generally 2x as large as a Sampot.

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